Time for round two

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You may remember a few weeks ago, this blog participated in the first-ever “Campaign 2008 Cooking Spectacular” by baking Ann Romney’s family recipe for “Welsh Skillet Cakes.” It was a tremendous success, even if Mrs. Romney never responded to my letter.

It seemed like such a novel concept, the potential first-lady posting recipes on her blog. Web 2.0 and such and such. But then I stumbled upon this.

Libby. Bleeping. Dole. It was the first-ever general election with websites, and she’s on there with a recipe for Pecan Roll Cookies. Eleven years later, she’s a US Senator. Correlation…or causation?

As if we had any other choice, all indications are that we will host an extra special “Campaign 1996 Cooking Spectacular” in a few days. Get your oven mitts ready.

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