Jonathan Lai, News Editor Emeritus



Top of the ivory tower

O-Issue 2011: Administration

While RHs and professors may facilitate some of your day-to-day activities, the U of C administrators are at the top of the food chain when it comes to both your life at the University and the life of the University itself.


SG election 2011: Uncommon Fun

The slate, composed entirely of SG outsiders, hopes to connect with students on their third party status and act as advocates for responsible change.

Fourth-years see spike in job offers

CAPS has increased programming to meet a rise in undergraduate interest–they have already seen a threefold increase in job offers for fourth years over the past year.


All that jazz

Saxophonist Von Freeman shakes up Mandel Hall as part of his reception for receiving the University’s Rosenberger Medal.

TEDx prepares for U of C convention

The organization will bring 14 speakers to the University in April. Although plans are in motion, the group has had difficulty with finances and hopes to cover half the cost through ticket sales.


Ex-prof elected state rep

Former math professor Daniel Biss was elected to the Illinois House of Representatives on his second try last week.

Stimulus ends, but work-study still strong

The University’s federal work-study funding increased for the 2010-11 school year, according to Director of College Aid Alicia Reyes, even though many colleges and universities are losing work-study dollars as federal stimulus money runs out.

Div school hosts theology conference

“The purpose of this conference is to open reflection and not to package it in nice rhetorical boxes,” professor William Schweiker said. “We are embarking on a journey rather than arriving at a destination.”