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Weekly Review September 3

UCMC approved to begin two major projects, Hyde Park restaurant scene shake-ups, International Innovation Corps launches in India.

O-Issue 2013: Eating Around Hyde Park

102312 NWS Valois (Ethan Stockwell)

Whether it’s Saturday night or you’re just sick of the dining halls—and believe me, you will be—you’ll be searching for a meal outside of campus. Here’s a list that’ll get you started.

Don’t sugarcoat it

jane for page

In light of recent dining hall health code issues, UChicago Dining’s explanations prioritize public image over honest accountability.

Fourth Meal marked by huge turn-out


According to numbers collected by dining administrators, more people turned out for late-night dining at South Campus then they do for other meals during the day. Going into the pilot run, advisory board members were hoping it could attract a fraction of its current figures.