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O-Issue 2013: Eating Around Hyde Park

102312 NWS Valois (Ethan Stockwell)

Whether it’s Saturday night or you’re just sick of the dining halls—and believe me, you will be—you’ll be searching for a meal outside of campus. Here’s a list that’ll get you started.

Criminal neglect

Maya Headshot

The University’s policy on reporting violent crimes is too selective to sufficiently inform those it aims to protect.

Trash can’ts

Matt Viewpoints Headshot

The dearth of trash cans in Hyde Park is an outrage and lends itself to some futuristic solutions.

An Obama library here? Aloha.

While everyone, from the White House to Robert Zimmer, says that talks are premature, the speculation cycle has been churning.

Goodnight and goodluck

camille's article

Let Grey City, the Maroon’s quarterly magazine, take you back to the glory days of Hyde Park night life. Although Jimmy’s Woodlawn Tap is still around, gone are the days of Saul Bellow and Dylan Thomas raising their glasses there, and 50 years have passed since Second City—and improv comedy itself—was founded in the bar’s back room.

The Way Things Work: Opening a small business in Hyde Park

From documents like Chicago’s “3 Simple Steps to Obtain a Business License” (which actually lists 10 not-so-simple steps) to maneuvering through eight different city, state, and federal agencies, Grey City traces the paths of several successful small businesses in Hyde Park.