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O-Issue 2013: Traditions

012513 Kuvia (Jamie Manley)7

While UChicago wasn’t included on The Princeton Review’s list of top 20 party schools this year, there are still several traditions that spice up the life of the mind.

Going down down, baby

Major Activities Board’s choice to bring Nelly to campus for Summer Breeze inconsistent with concert’s forward-thinking past.

Summer Breeze outweighs star comedian in poll

Students voted down a proposed cutback to Summer Breeze funding this week in an online survey conducted by the Major Activities Board (MAB). The cutbacks would have been used to fund a larger winter comedy show.

A broken social scene

MAB’s Summer Breeze roster sounds like a nice lineup for a 10:30 show at the Metro, but lacks the broad appeal necessary for the College’s signature entertainment event of the year.