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Saturday night hunger


A lack of Saturday night dining options on campus cannot be fixed by simply telling students to use Maroon Dollars.

The one that got away

Eliora Katz

After falling in love with an entirely different country, Viewpoints columnist questions the life of the mind.

Revising history

Including study of non-Western cultures would fill the gap in students’ understanding of philosophy and enhance existing knowledge of Western canon.

Great expectations

Students should shift their focus from existing prejudices to open-minded exploration to get the most out of their four years.

Weekend downtown shuttle takes off

The weekend shuttle runs hourly from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. between the Reynolds Club and the El stop at Roosevelt Road and State Street in the South Loop. The South Loop Shuttle Service made its first trip downtown Friday, a viable alternative to public transportation or taxis.

Transportation director leaves U of C

Transportation director Brian Shaw left the University Friday for unknown reasons, after weeks of student complaint regarding his overhauled UchicaGO transportation plan. Hundreds of students expressed dissatisfaction with the transportation system after this summer’s major retooling of the bus system left many disappointed.