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These Terms and Conditions apply to the Chicago Maroon’s website (www.chicagomaroon.com), iPhone Application (iChicago), and physical publications.


Please note that it is necessary to obtain permission prior to the use of any material published on www.chicagomaroon.com, in iChicago, or in print editions, including material digitized and made available via the University of Chicago Library. All Chicago Maroon content (including, but not limited to text, photographs, graphics, video and audio) is protected by copyright as a collective work or compilation under U.S. copyright and other laws, and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published, or broadcast without the prior consent of the Chicago Maroon.


As a matter of policy, the Chicago Maroon does not remove content from its online archives, but it does correct errors in fact. Please e-mail [email protected] to request a correction.


Articles appearing in the Chicago Maroon that were published after May 18, 2001 are available online, as is exclusive online content. Issues published before that date are available at the University’s Regenstein Library.


You must submit a written request to use and/or reprint a published photograph (online or in print) taken by a Chicago Maroon photographer. Once your request has been processed and approved, the requested photo will be transferred electronically via e-mail.


You must submit a request to use and/or reprint a published article (online or in print) written by a Chicago Maroon journalist. There is no fee for use of an article or photograph for nonprofit and/or personal use. If intended for commercial use, the fee will be determined by the Maroon. The same usage fees apply for web-use related requests. To request permission to reprint a Maroon article or photograph, please contact Tyronald Jordan, Business Manager: (773) 702-9555, [email protected]


The authors of comments appearing on chicagomaroon.com are the sole responsibility of the author, and imply no endorsement by the Chicago Maroon. By posting a comment or using the Maroon’s webpage, you agree to our terms of use, and do not hold the newspaper responsible for the content of any posted comment. By posting a comment, material or any other work of authorship on the chicagomaroon.com, you grant the Chicago Maroon a worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully transferable, fully sublicensable, fully paid-up, and royalty-free right to reproduce, prepare derivative works of, distribute, perform and display such comments, materials or works of authorship in any media or format.

Comments on chicagomaroon.com should be civil, original pieces of writing that add to a debate or help shed light on the issue at hand. Comments address the issues raised in an article or a point of view expressed in an article. They are free of personal attacks on article subjects or authors. Comments can add more information to a story. If you have a news tip or information that might help the reporter, it’s best to e-mail the Maroon at [email protected] with that information. You can post corrections as a comment too, but they may not be noticed, so please e-mail them to [email protected] The Maroon deletes comments that contain lies or misinformation if they are brought to our attention. Please e-mail us about a comment if it contains information you know to be false. The Maroon reserves the right to delete any comments that violate these guidelines and will replace the comment with a Moderator notice linking to the Terms of Service.