Get A Life

By Erica Cerulo

I have, surprisingly, very fond memories of the Go-Go’s song “Vacation” from a weekend getaway my first year, and yesterday, let me tell ya, yesterday I “had to get away.” This whole school thing sometimes makes real escapes pretty infeasible (damn school), but you have to do what you can.

After a hellish week of midterms, my friend and I collapsed in my car and journeyed up Lake Shore Drive. Escaping from the HP is always refreshing, and what’s more, we were going to France. Yeah, I’m definitely pushing it now. We were really just having dinner, but I’m trying to make myself feel like our little jaunt rejuvenated me more than it did.

Regardless, dinner at La Crêperie was fulfilling. Located near the intersection of Clark and Diversey, this quaint little spot serves…(drumroll please)…crépes! Yes, I know, shocking. The entrée ones are delish, especially when it is cold outside. I recommend the seafood, or the chicken and mushroom.

Then there are the desserts. You couldn’t possibly leave without dessert. I couldn’t possibly leave without dessert. So far, my fave has been the Bananas Sara, which is basically Bananas Foster wrapped in a crisp wheat crepe, topped with ice cream and whipped cream. They are definitely large enough to share—not that I did. In addition to the obvious, La Crêperie also serves other little French dishes: escargot, French onion soup, cheese plates…you get my drift.

All of the crépes are between $6 and $10, meaning that you and a friend could split an entrée and dessert for about eight bucks each and walk away stuffed to the brim. The atmosphere is cozy, and when the weather is nice, they open the restaurant’s back doors onto a private little garden. How sweet, how romantic. It would make a fabulous date for sure.

Mon chéri, take a break. You deserve it. The guy who “monitors” the A-level in the wee hours of the morning knows your name—this when we all thought he didn’t speak! Spending a few hours in “France” for $10? What a deal! Better than Orbitz. This little spot is just the pick-me-up you need after locking yourself in the library and not showering for three days. You’ll feel right at home—the French don’t bathe much either. The only thing that would have made it better for me would have been a hot waiter with an accent. Ooh la la!

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