Now offering 4,000-5,000 truckloads of sand to the highest, or closest, bidder


By Claire McNear

Remember the Man Cam? If you’ve been keeping an eye on it – which is a no-brainer, really, given that now in addition to bored-looking men with shovels there are bored-looking men driving backhoes – you might have noticed that it’s still an oval-shaped pit of dirt that looks nothing like a student center, retail hub, giant furnace, or anything U of C students might actually need or want. Which means everything is on track!UChiBLOGo, the blog extension of the University of Chicago Magazine, posted an interview with Michael Natarus, senior project manager of the Man. He reveals that the University is disposing of 53,000 cubic yards (enough to fill up 16 Olympic-size pools or .001% of the Grand Canyon!) of sand, dirt, and Scavvie remains by putting it in, uh, places. “Some of it they recycle—some of it is sand, which I’m sure they can use in other places,” Natarus offered. Yeah, like… beaches! Or maybe the Point? The Point could definitely use some new sand. Or anywhere “within a half-hour radius” of the U, which is more or less what Natarus implies.One other thing of note: Natarus is asked if the Man sand is radioactive, something I looked at way back in March. (Answer: No.) But he also acknowledged that soil borings were done at the site before construction began just to make sure.