Reynolds Club powers up

By Andrew Alexander

Laptop users in the C-Shop and Hutchinson Commons may find it easier to recharge if proposed electrical upgrades to the Reynolds Club are implemented.

Additional electrical outlets will be added to the building by September if funding is secured, according to fourth-year Andrew Stergachis, chair of the Student Government (SG) Campus Services Committee.

Stergachis said that representatives of SG had raised the idea in a meeting with the Campus Dining Advisory Board after hearing complaints about the scarcity of outlets.

“You try to walk into the C-Shop, and you’re tripping all over laptop cords; in Hutch, you’re looking for the one power outlet on the wall,” he said.

In the C-Shop, outlets would be added to the south wall and beside every booth; in Hutchinson Commons, one outlet would be added for every table along the wall.

Stergachis said that the idea of adding more electrical outlets had been discussed for some time, but when the Office of the Reynolds Club and Student Activities (ORCSA) requested a quote, “it was actually much cheaper than they thought, making it feasible.”

Stergachis did not know the exact cost of the upgrades, and Tim Banks, ORCSA associate director for facilities and event services, was unavailable for comment.

According to Stergachis, ORCSA is trying to budget funding for the project and would hopefully be able to pay for and implement the upgrades later this quarter or over the summer.