Q&A: Batting it around with Kathleen Duffy

Fourth-year Kathleen Duffy set the record for most RBIs in Chicago’s softball history.

By Will Fallon

Fourth-year first baseman Kathleen Duffy became the all-time RBI leader in the Maroon’s softball history last week. In a twin bill against Wheaton on April 5, Duffy homered and collected three RBIs in a 5—0 Chicago victory in game one, before driving in one run—the 88th of her career—in a 5—­4 Wheaton win in game two. We’re sure that lots of hunky dudes have taken notice of her since then, but she made time to sit down with us and answer a few of our burning questions.

Chicago Maroon: How does it feel to be the best batter ever?

Kathleen Duffy: I’m not the best batter ever. It’s nice to hit well though, I guess.

CM: Seriously though, when are you going challenge Jack Cinoman to a hitting competition? We think you could take him; he’s just a first-year.

KD: I think he would beat me in baseball, but I think I would beat him in softball. The way the ball moves is completely different, so I think we would win in our respective sports.

CM: How did it feel to accomplish this record in your final season?

KD: It felt good. It’s not over, though. We’re only halfway through the season right now. For me, it’s never been about records. My first year we went to regionals, and that was my favorite experience. So I am just looking to hit as well as I can so that we can return to regionals this year.

CM: Did getting the most RBIs in U of C’s history come as a surprise? Were you aiming for this, heading into the season?

KD: I actually had no idea. My dad keeps a stat book, and he gave me a look [during our last game]. Later on, I found out I had made the record, but I didn’t even know that I was close.

CM: Is there anything else you are looking to accomplish before the end of the season?

KD: Besides sweeping the rest of our games and making it to the postseason, I’d like to hit stronger. I’m one run away from tying the home run record, so I’d like to do that. I’d also just like to get my batting average higher.

CM: So, clearly your RBI record is a sign not just of your talent but also of your commitment to the team. What is your favorite part of the team?

KD: Probably that my teammates are my best friends. Softball wouldn’t be nearly as much fun if I didn’t have 15 other people I love playing with. They help me get through academics and softball and make everything so much better.

CM: The team has been having some difficulty this season defensively; how are you guys planning to change this in the final stretch of the season?

KD: We’ve realized the fact that we are missing that last oomph to get us through the final game, and so we’ve had individual meetings with the coach and realized that if we start focusing better, then our momentum will carry us through all 14 innings, pushing us over the hump and towards winning.

CM: We’ve never seen any inspirational softball movies. Are there any?

KD: There are no specific softball ones but have you seen A League of Their Own? I think it’s the best sports movie in general, [and it’s about women]. You should watch it.

CM: Have the hunky dudes taken notice of your record?

KD: I don’t know. That’s such a weird question. They notice that I bat funny, but that’s about it.

CM: Bat “funny”?

KD: I like kinda shake my butt before I hit the ball.

CM: We’d like to see that.