Murphy’s criticism of Scav off the mark

Mr. Murphy, you might be on the right track (“Picking Off Scavs,” 5/12/09), but for all the wrong reasons.

By Letter to the Editor

Mr. Murphy, you might be on the right track (“Picking Off Scavs,” 5/12/09), but for all the wrong reasons.

If you researched before writing, how are you not aware of the things that Scav does for the community? The judges go out of their way to give back. Even excluding the Annual Blood Drive, there is still the annual Items on the Quads—in various years, offering free hot dogs, an open-air spa, or even a rickshaw service—as well as the best thing Scav ever gave to the broader audience: the Scav Party, an open night of brazen debauchery that was cancelled forever when “the broader audience” showed up to party in Cobb and defiled classrooms. I’m confused where you get off demanding change when we’ve already gone out of our way to do nice things.

As for “Scav” culture, I’m amused you suggest Scav change its purpose as an RSO, but don’t really offer to do the same. The Maroon seems to some a self-indulgent publication aimed more at bolstering résumés than reporting news (especially Viewpoints). Should the Society for Creative Anachronism broaden its appeal by wearing Star Trek uniforms? Perhaps fraternities should bring an elephant to the quads or even reinstate the open-air parties on the quad (until the elephant ruins it for everyone by defecating in Cobb). Like any RSO, it’s just an RSO.

Allow me to highlight what you accidently got right. The two biggest problems facing Scav really are lack of broader participation and lack of transparency. Max P’s point deficit this year came in part from the Blood Drive: of the 712 residents, 29 donated blood. Worse yet is the purported reason: Resentment toward Scav culture stopped people from saving lives. Even our archrivals, Snitchcock, would love to see MP bleed some more. As for transparency, Scavvies never know which of our enjoyable attempts at their abstruse items failed to make the judges laugh. While some judges are hard at work eliminating the running shits, arbitrary abuses of power, and general culture of self-indulgence such a “secret society” generates, everyone (judges, Scavvies, and others) needs to remember Scav is just a novel, unbridled, ephemeral entertainment experience, a.k.a. good, clean fun.

Please, don’t tell us how to have that fun. And certainly don’t lecture us on community. Let’s try some mutual respect though: judges, Scavvies, and others included.

Jason Finkes

A.B. ’08

MPScav (’05–’??)