Swiss AIDS campaign


By Alec Brandon

Switzerland has begun an aggressive and rather ingenious ad campaign to encourage safe sex. The premise of the ad campaign is that sex sells (which might be why there is a problem in the first place, but never mind that):

A new federal HIV prevention campaign in Switzerland features naked athletes fencing and ice skating. The image of healthy flesh exposed to sharp blades is meant to convey the safe-sex message “no action without protection.” The national campaign is running on television, in cinemas, and on billboards.”We want to tell people that, just like ice hockey or fencing, you don’t have sex naked,” said Roger Staub, head of the Federal Health Office’s AIDS prevention section. “You should wear a condom.”

Someone at the Maroon managed to show me one of the ads, lets just say they definitely catch your eye while hammering home the message (especially the hockey one…ouch). Too bad we’ll never see anything like this in the US.