Doing something about U of C Law School’s “centerpiece”

By Alec Brandon

It was a relief to stumble upon this today. UChicago Law School is going to finally do something about its fountain that is the “centerpiece” of the entrance to the building. The biggest problem is that it is absurd to have a huge fountain and reflecting pool as the centerpiece of any building in Chicago. It gets insanely cold and they shut down the fountain. The result is a big disgusting, empty pool.Something is finally being done:

Baird said tentative plans for the renovation of the fountain are to replace it with a zero-depth fountain “like the one at Millennium Park” that has less than an inch of water.If done right, “What we’ll have,” Baird said, “is a reflecting pool reflective of the Pevsner and the building.”When we can’t have a fountain,” in the wintertime, “we won’t have an eyesore, we’ll also have a beautiful plaza.”

Good to see something (anything!) is being done.Either way, it will be interesting to see what happens with the law school after it becomes dominated by a 900 bedroom when the law school starts sharing its block with a 900 bedroom, 14 story dorm.