A word to the streakers

Scav Hunt is one of those times when students are prone to show off a little more than most might want to see. While the Maroon does not object to nudity in principle, we think it prudent to make some gentle suggestions for those who choose to bare all in public.

The general rule of safety in numbers applies to shedding clothing as much as any other activity. Use the annual Polar Bear Run and the track team’s exhibition at the Reg as models. Moving in packs, streakers are shielded from public derision and UCPD law enforcement. Note also that these individuals accomplish their deed with speed. Take off your clothes, but for goodness sake move along. The Maroon does not condone lollygagging when it comes to parading around in your birthday suit.

We also suggest prudence when planning the site for your feat. Though University officials may be charmed by such student antics, a spot in full view of the Admin Building is perhaps not the wisest choice.

To protect your tender parts from undue discomfort, please keep in mind a few safety tips. Sunscreen is key: It hurts enough when you get burned on your back. Be careful where you sit: What looks like a friendly patch of grass could be the cover-up for a nasty pile of sticks. Not that sitting in the nude is a good idea in general.

Lastly, as members of the general public, we do have standards. Don’t neglect the cardio room. Drink diet soda. And do a quick set of push-ups and crunches before your exploits.