SG launches Committees website

By Kirsten Gindler

Student Government (SG) launched a new Web site to promote its Student Life Committees earlier this month as part of its ongoing effort to strengthen its online presence and make itself more accessible to students outside of its immediate circle.

SG created the site in order to streamline its communications with the University community, according to Vice President for Administration Forrest Scofield. SG also hopes that the new site will expose a more diverse cross-section of students to SG’s decision-making committees, which range in function from executing disciplinary action to coordinating the senior class gift. “A really important part of being in college is being involved with the University administration as a whole,” Scofield, a second-year, said.

The site organizes the committees into 10 broad categories and lists general information such as each committee’s purpose, the best way to contact the committees, and how students can apply to them. All students, undergraduate and graduate, can browse the site and log in with their CNetID. Students can apply for committees themselves by filling out their contact information and answering questions about their involvement in campus groups. They can also list their reasons for wanting to join a particular committee.

Lastly, students can suggest their friends for a committee by writing about how they would be an asset to it. “The great thing about it is that not only will you be able to apply for a committee, but you’ll also be able to nominate a friend for a specific committee,” SG President Youssef Kalad said in the site’s launch video on YouTube.

The launch is not the first time this year that SG has taken steps to revamp its presence online. Late in September, Scofield announced that an overhaul of SG’s main website was in progress, while a redesign for the SG Marketplace is set to debut in the coming weeks.