A photo jaunt around the new GSB

By Garth Johnston


The new building for the Graduate School of Business (GSB) designed by Rafael Viñoly Architects PC is nearing completion. The $125 million complex houses 415,000 square feet of space, 18 large classrooms, 34 group study rooms, 36 interview rooms, 167 faculty offices, a café, three outdoor terraces and a winter garden enclosed below four glass funnels that are 83 feet tall and use 37,500 square feet of glass.

Arguably the most attractive building the University has built in over half a century Viñoly’s building already manages to blend in, mirror, and improve on its surroundings. With the basic shape of Ida Noyes, the horizontal nature of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House, and the lighter than air quality of Rockefeller Chapel’s glass walls the new GSB seems to glide in the air.

The following is a brief walk around the new building along with a mock-up and plan for the new building from 2001.