Evan Garrett & Peter Jensen

By Tomi Obaro

Dating for: 8 months

Year/major: Evan: fourth-year Theatre and Performance Studies major; Peter: fourth-year English major

Favorite date movie: Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives, which we believe to be an underrated masterpiece (seriously, go see it). Evan falls asleep during every other movie we ever watch together.

(Fill-in-the-blank) is a better dancer: Evan’s definitely the better dancer. But Peter is better at maths.

Favorite quotes:  “Kiss well or don’t kiss at all,” “Stop biting” “You’re Evan Garrett-ing it”

Where did you meet: Summer Breeze during our first year. We were introduced by mutual friends.  Peter was one of the first people that Evan felt he had to be completely truthful to and Evan was one of the first gay people Peter met after coming out.

First Date: Technically, when Evan invited Peter over to to make an apology cake for Evan’s roommate.  Officially, when Evan cooked cuisine for Peter at his apartment (by which we mean Chez Evan) so that Peter could avoid food at the second-classiest restaurant in Hyde Park, Le Bartlett.  Evan’s going to recreate this night for Peter on this Valentine’s Day.  (Shhh. It’s a secret.)