Cathey fails health inspection—again

By Marina Fang

Cathey Dining Commons failed a routine, unannounced inspection on Tuesday.

According to the City of Chicago’s food inspection database, Cathey was cited for four items on the City’s health code standards during the unannounced inspection. Violations included food stored at improper temperatures, which was corrected during the inspection, evidence of rodents and rodent droppings in food prep areas, and dirty coolers and tables in prep areas.

UChicago Dining issued a statement on its Web site in response to the inspection, announcing that Cathey underwent “additional cleaning and pest control measures” following the initial inspection.

“We have also since increased internal walk-throughs and inspections, supplemented staff training, and taken new preventative pest control steps,” the statement said.

The statement also noted that “all other dining locations passed their most recent inspections.” While they are not UChicago dining locations, according to the database, the Au Bon Pain at 5721 South Maryland Avenue and the Lab School’s cafeteria failed their inspections this week.

Because all of the violations which the City labels as “critical” were corrected during the inspection, Cathey was not required to cease operations, based on the City’s requirements.

However, if the other violations, which are categorized as “serious,” are not corrected by the time the City conducts its follow-up inspection next week, the dining commons will be required to close immediately. Cathey closed for five days during fall quarter after failing two consecutive inspections due to a fruit fly infestation.

Cathey is considered a Risk 1 or “high-risk” food services establishment due to its “complex menus with more risky food handling practices.” Risk 1 establishments typically undergo two unannounced, routine inspections during each calendar year.