E&R delays by-law amendments until fall

SG will seek student input before going ahead with changes.

By Ankit Jain

SG has decided to wait until the beginning of next year to make changes to the Elections and Rules (E&R) committee after a tumultuous election cycle in which a number of alleged rule violations surfaced and one candidate was disqualified. The Ad Hoc Committee convened by SG to look into changes to E&R’s by-laws still hopes to make changes before first-year College Council elections next fall but now plans to solicit student input.

SG president and third-year law student Renard Miller decided against making the changes now after the committee’s first and only meeting last Thursday, according to third-year Michael McCown, a member of the Ad Hoc Committee and the incoming SG president.

“We didn’t reach a clear consensus, and there was a little bit of unease around not having had more input from students,” he said. “I think when Renard went to…write out the recommendations he was thinking, you know, it would be good to get more input, to have more time to think about it.”

The committee hopes to solicit student input during the summer and issue final recommendations early fall quarter.

The five major areas under consideration are confidentiality and anonymity, the size of E&R, the appeals process, preventing an overload of E&R complaints, and providing clearer campaign rules, all of which were issues that came up during this year’s election.

Miller said that any changes will be made directly to the by-laws, bypassing the student body vote necessary for changes to the constitution, and will be decided by a three-fifths vote of approval by the SG assembly.