Undergraduate Liasion to the Board of Trustees steps down

By Sarah Manhardt

Student Government (SG)’s undergraduate liaison to the Board of Trustees, second-year Leeho Lim, is stepping down from his position. College Council (CC) will vote on his replacement at its weekly meeting this Wednesday.

According to SG President Tyler Kissinger, Lim is stepping down for personal reasons. Lim could not be reached for comment.

The undergraduate liaison to the Board of Trustees serves on the Executive Committee of SG along with a graduate liaison. According to the SG Assembly bylaws, the student liaisons are charged with keeping the student body informed of the Board’s actions, keeping the Board informed of the needs and long-term interests of the student body, and lobbying for a permanent position for one or more students on the Board.

SG will send out a College-wide email on Tuesday to solicit students interested in the position. Interested candidates should attend the CC meeting on Wednesday, and a majority vote of CC members will decide who will fill the position.

Under Article 5 of the SG bylaws, the SG Assembly shall fill vacancies within the Executive Committee by a majority vote of its members. SG Assembly is made up of CC and the Graduate Council. However, since CC is the representative body of the College, which votes on the undergraduate liaison to the Board of Trustees, only CC will vote on Lim’s replacement.

Lim was the sole candidate on the ballot in elections last spring, receiving 673 votes. He was challenged by two write-in candidates: current second-year Alex DiLalla, who received 267 votes, and current fourth-year Clemente Dadoo, who received 120 votes.