University announces end to part-time student status

Students must now register for at least three courses per quarter.

By Sonia Schlesinger

Jay Ellison, dean of students in the College, announced last week that the University will be eliminating part-time status for students. Previously, students taking fewer than three courses per quarter were enrolled as part-time students. All students must now register for at least three courses per quarter, though exceptions will be made in specific situations.

These exceptions primarily apply to students with health issues, who can work with Student Disability Services to petition to enroll with a reduced course load. Even with fewer classes, these students will still be considered full-time in order to retain benefits like financial aid and college housing. The e-mail explains that “this should help students concentrate on their health…and…continue to progress toward their degree with institutional support.”

Fourth-year students in their final quarter who need fewer than three courses to be able to graduate may also petition to work at a reduced course load. These students will continue to be considered part-time students and will pay their tuitions on a per-course basis. Current fourth-year students who had been planning to enroll part-time before their final quarters may still petition to do so this academic year.

The University hopes through this change to “make certain our resources can cover all students for their full four-year experience,” according to the e-mail.