Alderman Burns Resigns from Position After Serving Four Terms

Burns has served as Alderman for parts of Bronzeville, Kenwood, and Hyde Park since 2011.

By Sonia Schlesinger

On March 1, Fourth Ward Alderman Will Burns will resign from his position to serve as director of Midwest policy for AirBnB, according to his announcement on Sunday. Burns has served as Alderman since 2011 for Bronzeville, Kenwood, and parts of north Hyde Park.

Burns has served four terms as Alderman, following two terms as Illinois State Representative for the 26th district. He also worked as community outreach coordinator for then-State Senator Barack Obama in the early 2000s.

Burns has overseen much of the 53rd Street development in the last four years and advocated for the construction of the Obama presidential library in Washington Park. According to the Chicago Tribune, Burns voted with Mayor Rahm Emanuel for most of his time on the City Council. He received both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Chicago.

Emanuel said in a press conference Monday that a group of local leaders will select a temporary replacement for Burns.