Free of the fashion police

By Maroon Editorial Staff

At the University of Chicago, students enjoy a lack of social restrictions. Neither the students nor the administration enforce social norms of ideas or fashion types. The Chicago student is an empowered, independent person who can make her own decisions rather than bending to the conforming forces that exist at other schools.

Here at the U of C, students are lucky enough to go to a school that neither obsesses over fashion nor ignores hygiene. While some students spend hours worrying about style, other students spend seconds. Neither are wrong. What is great about our instituation is that both, and everything in between, are allowed. At this school, students make those decisions; arbitrary social ideals do not. Moreover, students not only have freedom in how they dress but also in whom they dress for.

Students applied to a school that uses the Uncommon Application, and those who do come here would agree that the Chicago experience is far from common. A Saturday night can consist of getting decked out to get drunk at a frat party or fraternizing in a Hyde Park coffee shop. The Maroon commends students for contributing to this open atmosphere. Any student who does not see this does not understand Chicago.