Lacrosse Kills Inaugural Game

The women’s lacrosse team began their first season ever with an incredible victory against DePauw University, winning 18–4.

By Brinda Rao

UChicago’s varsity women’s lacrosse team dominated in its inaugural game. Coming into the game, no player on the team had any prior experience in a DIII varsity game. Furthermore, the team is made of a majority of first-year players. Going into the game, some might have expected it to be a test for the women’s lacrosse team.  

This was no test. This game was a victory lap.  

Conquering DePauw with an impressive 18–4 victory, the lacrosse team showed both fans and the competition that it is not a force to be messed with. Energy on and off the field was extremely high for this game. Playing at their home turf on UChicago’s Stagg Field, the team had the opportunity to show off their hard work to parents and peers. They dominated right from the start, scoring three goals within the first four minutes of the game.   

Practice this past week built up to the game. After five months of lift sessions and scrimmages, the players completed their regiment with daily practices. First-year midfielder Ali Sheehy explained, “We were all very focused in practice this week. I think we were all a little nervous ahead of the game because we have spent so much time preparing for it. I mean, ever since the start of the season, ‘February 23 vs. DePauw’ was on our minds. But I think yesterday we used that nervous feeling and all of the preparation, led by our coaches, that we have had, to our advantage to motivate ourselves, to play fast but smart.”  

The game itself was an epic feat. The Maroons gave DePauw no concessions, taking 18 of the 23 draw controls, attempting 31 shots on goal, and snagging 23 turnovers. First-year midfielder Karina Schulze led the Maroons in their impressive victory, scoring eight goals. The midfield line booked it up and down the field throughout the game, keeping up a consistently powerful display throughout the game. This was complemented by the intense energy of the defense line and fire work of the attackers. First-year defenders Lauren Zhang and Kathleen Harrigan hounded DePauw, ensuring that the Maroons continued to command the field. The game reflected the fantastic chemistry between players on the team.  

Captain Jane Jozefowicz reflected, “It felt pretty surreal. The athletic department promoted the event, and family members traveled from all across the country to be here. The weather conditions were pretty brutal, but we kept a brave face and maintained a good attitude from start to finish. It was so rewarding to see all of our hard work pay off. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of this inaugural class of female athletes. We have an amazing coaching staff, a dedicated bench of players, and a love of the game. I am excited to see what else we can accomplish this season! Needless to say, ‘herstory’ is being made.” 

With this success, the lacrosse team has created a dynamic and exciting energy. Going forward they will have two games a week, giving them ample time and opportunity to put this energy to use. Sheehy explained, “Overall, we are all extremely happy that we were able to win and not only start our season, but our program, on a positive note.” 

UChicago’s varsity women’s lacrosse team will play Calvin College on Saturday, March 2 at 1 p.m.