An open letter to Ann Romney

By Tim Murphy

Dear Mrs. Romney, Thank you for the wonderful recipe for Welsh Skillet Cakes. They were delicious. In fact, I’m eating one right now. As I type, crumbs are crumbling (as crumbs are wont to do) gently into the crevices of my keyboard, but I don’t really care because my taste buds are screaming with delight. I know we’ve disagreed some in the past—you think Mitt would make a great president and I think he’d just be awesome—but that’s no reason we can’t see eye to eye on culinary matters. Perhaps we could start some kind of exchange. I don’t cook much, but I make a mean grilled cheese (it’s a family recipe also!) and I always add just the right amount of milk to my Coco Puffs. Plus I know Mitt is a total sucker for those goody goody Dairy Queens that are all over Iowa. You probably get pretty sick of it after a while, and let’s face it: That’s a lot of ice cream. I also think it’s really cool that you post on a blog, even if you do have to share it with your five sons. Do you think Hugo Chavez’s wife posts recipes on her blog? Wait, don’t look that up, because I can tell you the answer is no. And if she did, they’d be in Spanish, which, last time I checked, was most certainly not our national language. Okay, apparently ONE of THE CRUMBS WENt into my SHIft key and now My CAPitALIZation is messed up. But I don’t regret it one bit. ANYWAYS I JUST WANTED TO REItterate what I SAID EArlIER. THANKs for the RECIpe and I hope this GOES ON THE Five brothers BLOg. Supportively, Tim MurphyP.S. Keep on reading for a photo essay of the first-ever “Campaign 2008 Cooking Spectacular.