Report: 59 percent of Americans kind of suck

According to the latest Rasmussen poll,

By Tim Murphy

According to the latest Rasmussen poll, 59 percent of Americans oppose granting citizenship to children of illegal immigrants who have served two or more years in the military or spent two years in college.I don’t really think it needs to be explained that children of illegal immigrants–like children of legal immigrants–have no control whatsoever in the decision to come to America (or overstay their visas). Many of them arrived as infants or young children, and I think it’s ridiculous to hold them accountable for their illegal status.Realistically, these children aren’t going anywhere. They will stay in America, no matter what Tommy Tancredo says, and they will assimilate into society within a generation or two, because that’s what history and the current statistics tell us. More than anything, a college degree expedites that process. Preventing children from attending college because of their parents’ actions is tremendously counterproductive and would widen the cultural gap for a new generation.I’d like to think the opposition to the DREAM Act has more to do with “principles” than it does with anti-hispanic backlash, but at this point the two are are so inextricably bound that it’s tough to say. As neat and patriotic as it may seem to take an unequivocating stance against illegal immigrants, it’s delusional to think that preventing qualified students from attending college benefits anyone.UPDATE: A commenter pointed out that the poll question I referred to purported to be a referendum on the DREAM Act, but instead only focused on a specific detail of the bill. So a wag of the finger to Rasmussen for the ridiculous push poll.By the way, I checked again and the numbers for giving in-state tuition rates to children of illegal immigrants are: 71% opposed, 16% in favor.So in retrospect, the post should have been headlined “71 percent of Americans kind of suck.”