Welsh Skillet Cakes Explained Through Photographs and Captions, cont.

Friday night, the Editors Blog participated in the first-ever “Campaign 2008 Cooking Spectacular.” Wi

By Tim Murphy

Friday night, the Editors Blog participated in the first-ever “Campaign 2008 Cooking Spectacular.” With help from trusted assistants Sheila and Clay, we created and devoured Welsh Skillet Cakes from Ann Romney’s personal recipe (You can read my thank you note to Mrs. Romney here). In part 1 of the interactive photo essay, I analyzed the pressure-filled world of high stakes baking. The final chapter in the saga is below.Part 2: FinishmentAs a child, I remember being told stories about how former Teamster’s boss Jimmy Hoffa used to eat sticks of butter with a fork and knife. Perhaps this was just an effort to teach me healthy eating habits, or maybe it was my parent’s attempt to steer me away from racketeering. Either way, I imagine that if Jimmy Hoffa were to see the obscene amount of butter in this frying pan, he would leap out of his grave—wherever that is—and run to the kitchen with a big spoon.At this point, smoke started to rise off of the pan and I started to freak out. Would the whole operation collapse in on itself like Fred Thompson’s presidential ambitions. INTERACTIVE FEATURE: Come up with a better simile.Disaster averted! For the first time, the Welsh Skillet Cakes began to flash their true potential, as they crossed the threshold from mealy and salmonella-laced to the perfect golden brown that you associate with grilled cheese and hash browns, among other delicacies.Skillet cakes, in captivity. Note the sugar sprinkles on top. We had originally hoped to only put the sugar on the sides of the cakes, in honor of Mitt’s salt n’ pepa hairdo, but that turned out to be astoundingly difficult.The gigantic M stands for Mitt. Obviously. In retrospect, we probably should have made it a V for “victory,” but then we would have had to double-stack some of the ’cakes and thus depreciate their respective values in favor of a corporate whole. And that’s just not what the Governor is about.[all photos courtesy of Clay Smith]