The Vatican, condoms, and AIDS

The New York Times just published an

By George L. Anesi

The New York Times just published an interesting article about some rumblings within the Vatican regarding a possible slight relaxation of its longstanding no condoms, no exceptions policy. The specific situation that is being considered is that of a married couple (between one man and one women…just to clarify for you pervs out there) where one of the individuals has AIDS. Evidently, Pope Benedict XVI requested a report on the matter to see if condom use in that situation, meant to protect the lives of the couple, would or would not be in violation of Church doctrine.I’m no expert on Catholic theology, but it seems to me that if a condom is involved in an act of sex, then that act of sex is in no way intended to be a part of procreation, but rather purely recreation. This seems like a slope the Church would be reluctant to go anywhere near. Of course, if it somehow does make it past the report stage, it could open the door for Church-sanctioned distribution of condoms to married couples with AIDS in Africa. Unlikely, in my highly unqualified opinion…but promising nonetheless.It will be interesting to see what reaction this gets from conservative Catholics, many of who have already expressed disappointment at Benedict’s lack of explicit condemnations since taking the post.Unrelated: Well done to everyone, including the smart guys over at Oxblog, who marched to save Darfur. I salute you.