Are you a Yankees or Sox fan: A report from no-man’s land

By Alec Brandon

The NY Times had an article, today, on an issue that dominated my life growing up in New England: are you a Yankees fan or a Red Sox fan. Connecticut (my home state) is really no-mans land in the most intense sports rivalry in the US. Especially during the playoffs Yankees fans would always taunt the lowly Red Sox fans (I left before the Sox finally won it). The Times actually goes so far as to draw a Mason-Dixon Line down Connecticut (you can view the map here). Incorrectly it gives much of New Haven County to Yankees fans. In my opinion, it is about 50-50 for the New Haven area (all the way down to the coast) with only Fairfield County as the only Yankees strong hold in Connecticut.I use to root for the Red Sox, not because I liked the Sox but because I hated (and continue to hate) the Yankees. Now that the Sox have finally won a World Series and are just a less successful version of the Yankees (they go out and buy their team every year) I don’t care much for either team anymore; although that might be a product of not having to deal with cocky Yankees fans in Chicago like I do back home.