In which I channel Fire Joe Morgan

Bill Simmons desc

By Alec Brandon

Bill Simmons describes what is going to doom the Boston Red Sox this playoffs:

Unfortunately, this particular Red Sox team was built so that it’s impossible for them to win a playoff game when the starter can’t get past the fifth inning in a game that goes more than 10 innings. That’s their Achilles’ heel.

Now, I encourage you to go read this whole thing because this quote was in no way taken out of context. Simmons is saying that the greatest weakness of the Red Sox is that in playoff games (not games during the regular season, just the playoffs) when their bullpen has to pitch around four innings, they have no chance of winning. Think about it this way, if the Red Sox were an invincible Greek warrior, and the Indians were the Trojans, the Indians only chance at victory would be to aim their arrows so that Red Sox starting pitchers are knocked out in the sixth inning and then making sure that the game goes into extras. I mean, the Indians would be insane not to make that their game plan. It is so obvious that the Red Sox have no chance at all once a game goes into extras and their starting pitcher didn’t pitch in the seventh. Never mind that they have one of the best offenses in the league and the Indians one of the worst closers, that is besides the point.