Vote for a good artist for Summer Breeze


By Alec Brandon

Who the hell wants to see the Flaming Lips perform live? I mean, apparently a lot of U of C students, but honestly they are a group of old white men who play emo electronica crap. Sure, its catchy (which might be related to their penchant for stealing catchy melodies) but that is hardly a reason to see them live. See, there are bands that when you see them live can, at best, recreate the experience of listening to their album (and likely throw in some lasers and smoke). Then, there are bands that take their music to a whole different level when they perform live. I’m, of course, talking about Robert Randolph and His Family Band. If you don’t believe me, check this out (a Hendrix cover) and the listen to this (a song of there own from a live performance).These guys rock, yet they are dead last in voting on the MAB website. Come on people.Update: In case there is any copyright problems here, I am hosting the live version of the March on my U of C website, but the song is freely available for download on the Live Music Archive, so I don’t think there are any issues. In case I need to cite where I got it from though, here is a link.