(Lots of) Sunday Quick Hits

1) Unemployed man request

By George L. Anesi

1) Unemployed man requests jail time to have a place to stay and food to eat. Sad and clever. (Beat me out: Freakonomics, Volokh)2) Chicago Mayor Daley says that by 2016 there will be cameras on “almost every city block.” Methinks some invasion of privacy is going on.3) NYTimes Editorial Page Editor Gail Collins is stepping down after five years at the helm. Deputy Editorial Page Editor Andrew Rosenthal will be taking over. Maybe he will print one of my letters.4) The Onion (very close to actual reality as usual): [Yankees owner] George Steinbrenner Fires Tigers. (Thanks, Sean).5) When sports are on TV, men delay seeking needed medical care. Dudes, this is seriously not helping the “we’re mature and fully evolved” argument.6) My retort: Women unconsciously dress sexier when they are ovulating. Hah! Women are not completely in control either!7) The polls are moving and people are talking: The Republicans may be in for a very rude awakening this fall.8) I’m sure this news has spread around quite a bit, but the U.S. swept the science Nobel prizes this year (physiology/medicine, chemistry, physics, economics).9) Pigs may fly: “France to impose smoking ban from 2007”