Voices Ministry of Fun

By The Maroon Staff

Rolling Stones

Wednesday, January 22, United Cente,

7:30 p.m., $50-$350, 1901 West Madison

(312) 455-4500.

The first night of the Stones’ back-to-back at the United Center is sold out, but you can check out tomorrow’s show for as little as $50, or as much as $350, if you’re into that sort of thing. My mom saw this show when it came through Cleveland last year. WTG Mom. I don’t have a whole lot to say about this. Keith’s gotta pay the Blood-On-Wheels dudes, and Mick needs to feed his hot daughters. Actually, they all have hot daughters, all of whom need to eat, presumably. And then there’s Charlie Watts. I don’t know what Charlie needs, but I bet it costs a lot of money. So give it (the money) up for the Stones. Those looking for weirder shit are encouraged to go see The Elephant Man at Doc.

Unique Voices Talent Showcase

Saturday, January 25, 9 p.m.

Reynolds Club South Lounge

5700 South University, second floor

Free, as far as we can tell. And if it isn’t, it’ll be worth it.

Three of Hyde Park’s finest on one bill, all going the one-dude-with-an-acoustic-guitar route for the night. We got Jennifer Convertibles (one guy not named Jennifer), the Kallikak Family (one guy not named Kallikak or Family), and Sandroz (one guy sort of named Sandroz). What does it all mean? Jennifer Convertibles brings that WHPK magic to the table. When it’s Sandroz, you get up to 50 percent of Voices’ Official Pick to Click Infinite Reflections. If your shit behaves, you might hear hits like “Hunt for Red October” or “Professor Cormorant.” No promises. In the Kallikak Family, you get distorted music that isn’t alt-country. Hard to describe, but really good. A minor sin, says us.

The Sadies

Thursday, January 23, Abbey Pub

3420 West Grace (773) 478-4408

Alt-country is all the rage these days, but you’ll forgive the Sadies if they missed the memo. This former Neko Case backing band specializes in the classic country tradition, albeit a dark, smoky one. There’s a hint of Johnny Cash in the parched delivery of brothers Travis and Dallas Good, but they cast a much wider net than the old master while still remaining true to the essential paradigm. Chilly guitar effects and languid drumming accent the Sadies’ sparse arrangements–recalling both seedy bars and the open wilderness in the space of a single song. The current tour with Jon Langford and the Waco Brothers is in support of their just-released album, Stories Often Told, which is quite possibly their strongest effort yet.

Guided By Voices

Friday, Janary 24, Metro, 18 & over, $18

9 p.m., 3730 North Clark, (773) 549-0203

Drunk 45-year SWM seeks indie rock fan for beer, loud music, friendship, more.