Rivalries come to the fore at intramural championships

Intramural basketball, broomball, and indoor soccer victors determined in this past week’s championships.

By Andres Gonzalez Goodman

Hearts were broken, victors were crowned, and a rivalry continued to grow as the IM championships in basketball, broomball, and indoor soccer took place this week.

In what is quickly becoming a classic final match, the broomball championship was decided with a bang Thursday, as the mathematics and statistics grad students came out on top for the third year running, in a closely fought match against a team composed of biology graduate students. The aptly named Denominators eked out a 1–0 victory over the Peptides end the broomball season, which this year featured the added spice of the Chairman’s Cup.

The indoor soccer championships came to a close on Sunday, with two close wins to settle the undergraduate titles. For the men’s final, the Vincent Large Roosters defeated Lisa Michelle Satlin 3–2, while in the coed final Voltron triumphed over “Enoq?” by a score of 5–4. For the men’s graduate final the Pritzker Seniors came out best in a high scoring game, defeating The Fury 8–7. In the only match that was not close, the Super Fun Happy Team 2000 took the graduate coed final by shutting out the Histone Hugs 4–0.

In the basketball championships, Hoover took the men’s undergraduate final by beating Red Army 49–38 while in the men’s graduate final Illegal Defense required overtime to secure their win over the Pritzker Paeons 44–42. The undergrad men’s independent final was much more of a one-sided affair with All-Campus defeating UXD 63–27, and in the undergrad/grad coed final the memorable Sucks to be the Only One Naked came out with a 51–42 victory over “212.”