Letter to the Editor

By Letters from Readers

Palestinian banner

As a progressive Jew, I am wary of those who automatically associate anti-Israel sentiment with anti-Semitism, but rarely has the issue been so clear as in Adam Weissmann’s November 3 editorial “Palestine Banner is Flawed.” Weissmann’s article struck me as marred by exaggerations, generalizations, and fear mongering, all of which lead to an attitude that seems on its face to be Islamophobic, or even racist. Accusing the SGFC of anti-Semitism for sponsoring an event that is nothing of the kind is quite ridiculous. Weissmann shows his opportunism by comparing Palestinian Awareness Week to the “straight thuggin’” controversy; at the moment, the plight of Jews and African-Americans could not be more different, especially at this university, where Jewish students, professors, alumni, and administrators are present in great numbers. In this country, Jews may be few in number but we are neither disadvantaged nor disenfranchised. The “sword of intolerance” to which Weissmann refers is in fact his own.

Aaron Greenberg

Class of 2009