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Hamas election

I am writing in response to Benjamin Farkash’s errant critique of Israel’s recent actions against Hamas (“Israel cannot afford to alienate Hamas,” 2/21/06). What perplexes me most is Farkash’s doublethink on Hamas, conceding that it has committed horrible atrocities while seamlessly placing it on an equal footing with Israel and arguing it should be fully funded as an authority in the disputed territories with Western money. Hamas’ rise to power may have followed a campaign against Fatah corruption, but its true cause, waging terrorism against Israel, is as well known among Arabs as Israelis.

The very fact that Israel exists alienates Hamas. To play any part in the peace process, it is Hamas, a terrorist organization that has murdered thousands of innocent people, including dozens of Americans, that must radically reform and make a 180-degree change in its course, disavowing any and all connections to terrorism, as well as Iranian intelligence and financial resources. Above all, Hamas must fully abandon the principle upon which it was founded, the complete destruction of the Jewish state.

The very fact that I have to state this is evidence of the ludicrous and dangerous thinking currently prevailing in parts the world, one that legitimizes a group of Islamist tyrants and murderers. No nation should concern itself with “alienating” a terrorist group and contending the contrary is absurd. Israel not only has the right to halt funding to terror groups, but it has a responsibility to do so, as does the United States, Europe, and the rest of the civilized world. Apparently, Mr. Farkash, along with the Iranian, Russian, and Syrian governments, believe it’s okay to give career terrorists the benefit of the doubt if they fair well in parliamentary elections.

Feliks Pleszczynski

Vice President

Chicago Friends of Israel