Get Off Your Keister

By Maroon Editorial Staff

The appearance of three U of C students—members of the Velo sports club—in the Collegiate Cycling nationals is an excellent reminder of the existence of athletics at the U of C. This might come as a shock to those whose lives are consumed by trips to their dorm and the Reg, but basic athletic activity is critical to health and sexiness (the latter being something which many U of C students could work on).

But Velo is also an excellent reminder of the benefits of biking to life in Chicago. The city is extremely easy to navigate and has some beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, gas prices are soaring, and public transportation is not as flexible as we’d like. Arguably no other city in America is better suited for cycling as a viable means of transportation.

Anyone looking for a ride downtown would be much better off picking up a bike and taking the Lake Shore Drive bike path. Mayor Daley has been pushing bike transportation, as well he should: In looking for efficient, environmentally friendly, healthy, and fun methods of transportation, nothing beats biking.

Chicago students in particular could benefit from using a bike more often. Shoreland students or those living far off campus, for example, could get to the quads in a dramatically more efficient way. Biking down the 55th Street bike lane and along the lake provides a speedy, active alternative to sitting quietly on public transportation for getting around Chicago. With gorgeous spring weather and a vibrant city at your disposal, get off your keister and hop onto a bike. You’ll be a much happier and healthier (and hotter) Chicago resident as a result.