Best of the Best: Fall 2010

The fall season was one of success across the board for Chicago’s athletic programs. Here are some of the teams’ top highlights.

By Maroon Sports Staff

Top Individual Performances

423: Dee Brizzolara's all-purpose yards against Carnegie

The second-year wide receiver broke school records by scoring 5 touchdowns, three receiving and two returning kicks, for 432 all-purpose yards. The Maroons destroyed the Tartans 61-22.

20:57: Liz Lawton's 6K time at NCAA Regionals

Lawton capped her cross-country career by besting a field of 263 winners at the NCAA regionals, finishing the 6K course in 20:57, five seconds ahead of any other runner.

4th: Emma Gormley's run of consecutive shutouts leading up to the UAA title game against Brandeis

Gormley made seven saves to shut out Brandeis at this season’s UAA title game. It was her fourth consecutive shut-out, and eighth of the season.

Top Team Performances

13-10: Football beats Wash U for the UAA Championship

In perhaps the biggest understatement of the season, Marshall Oium said about the upcoming game "Playing for the conference championship and the Founders Cup means a lot to our team." It's no Heisman, but the Chicago Boys claimed both the conference and the Founders Cup when they defeated rival Wash U 13-10. Fans were so excited that somewhere between a dozen and two dozen stormed the field. Not even a headstanding celebration could take away from the victory.

10th: Women's cross country at NCAAs

On the national scene the women's cross country team snagged 10th place on the chilly plains of the Hawkeye State. The Maroons were led by Liz Lawton's sixth place finish, and more heart than 10 tin men, after visiting Oz.

11: Years-long streak broken by women's soccer's UAA title this season

Defeating rivals Wash U would be nothing special but for the fact that this was the purest game of the season. By this time the Maroons had already clinched the UAA title, their first in 11 years, and an automatic berth to the NCAA tournament. This was a game where they had nothing to play for but honor and a love of the game, and they did just that.


1st: Trip to NCAAs for volleyball

Behind the supersized prowess of third-year All-American Isis Smalls, the team traveled to Springfield, Ohio to compete in the eight-team tournament after finishing 30-12 on the season.

212: Clay Wolff's total career points

Wolff ended his spectacular career as the team leader in touchdown receptions (35) and total points (212). In addition, he captained the team to its first conference championship since 2005.