October 9, 2003

Shoreland welcomes food pantry

Campus Dining Services will open a new convenience store in the Shoreland on the old site of the now closed Fred's convenience store in early November.

Although the new store was originally scheduled to open its doors by the end of October, equipment shortages have pushed back the opening day, according to Cheryl Gutman, dean of Housing and Dining Services.

The new store will be one-fourth the size of the Maroon Market, but it will offer students a similar yet smaller variety of products ranging from canned soups to frozen pizzas and ice cream. Perishable foods will be found in two self-serve refrigerators. Unlike the Maroon Market, the store will not sell prepared pasta dishes and other pre-made foods.

Gutman suggested that the new store will carry over the old name and included Fred C3, C3 Fred, and Fred's in the list of possibilities. She also said that suggestions from students are welcome.

Plans to open the store formed last year in response to the findings of a Campus Dining Services survey. The survey determined that Broadview and Shoreland residents were lacking an accessible food outlet closer to home. The older Fred's closed down after poor management kept it from operating at profitable levels. In contrast, the new Fred's will be run by a newly revamped Campus Dining Services.

Resident Head Heather LaRiviere of Shoreland's Fallers House enthusiastically endorsed the new store's convenience. "If I could buy a gallon of milk there it will be very useful," LaRiviere said. "Everyone is really excited about it."

Students in the Shoreland also seem to be pleased about the arrival of the new convenience shop. "Shoreland has needed a convenience store for quite some time and I'm happy we're finally getting one" said Sunil Nair, president of Shoreland's Dewey House.

Fred's is part of a greater campus effort to tailor dining services to the University community's needs. Gutman mentioned several other proposed changes to campus dining, among them a "Grab and Go" kiosk in Pierce.

But all are not equally thrilled about the accessibility of the new store. Lebad Hamad, manager of Quick Snacks on 55th Street, admits that the store may draw customers away from his business.

"I know it will affect our business a little bit, but I believe each person will get his or her share," Hamad said.

The new store will be open from 7 p.m. until midnight, Sunday through Thursday. Gutman noted, however, that it may be possible for the store to extend its hours to the early morning if there is sufficient demand in the future.

"I'm really excited that I can use my Flex Dollars in the comfort of my own dorm," said Kenneth Jones of Shoreland's Bishop House. "It's about time."