August 22, 2003

Recent graduate found dead in apartment

Danny Morano, a recent graduate of the College, died Friday, August 8. His roommate found him at their apartment on 52nd Street and Drexel Avenue on Monday, August 11 after he returned to Chicago from a trip. The fire department arrived first, followed by the paramedics, police, and the medical examiner. The cause of death has not been officially declared, according to Steve Klass, vice president and dean of students of the University, but "the indications point to suicide."

Morano completed his math concentration in three years and later planned on pursuing a career as a math professor. A former Woodward resident in Flint house, Morano competed in several intramural sports his first year, including frisbee and basketball. Morano had a good sense of humor and enjoyed doing magic tricks.

"He was a good friend. He always had time to do things for you like cook food at 4 a.m. or do spontaneous activities like walk to Evanston," remarks friend and ex-Flint resident Elaine Croft. According to another former Flint house resident, Morano had "a lot of friends and went out a lot."

News regarding Morano's death is being disseminated through student publications, the housing system, SCRS, and other campus organizations. The University is providing personal services and operating on specific logistics, as is procedure after the death of a student. However, the flag on the quadrangle was flown at half-mast on August 13, which is not ordinarily done for alumni.

"The University felt it was the most honorable thing to do," Klass said. "What makes this different is that most of his friends are still here." Klass also asserts that "the U of C is deeply affected by this, especially since he is someone who just left us. It is very hard for all of us who have direct contact with students."

Services were held in Greenville, North Carolina, where Morano grew up.