January 24, 2005

Bring back da Noyes

Sometime between late Friday night and early Saturday morning, the portrait of the revered Mrs. Ida Noyes was snatched from Ida Noyes Hall. A gift from her husband that was given to the University more than 80 years ago, the portrait has graced the wall of Ida Noyes, welcoming students as they venture into the Ida library.

The theft of the Ida Noyes painting is not the first of its kind in University history. In 1996, the portrait of President Emeritus Hanna Gray was stolen, not once but twice. In both instances, the portrait was returned, but not before the thieves taunted the University about its whereabouts. The second time the portrait was stolen, it was not returned for more than two months. Although in both cases the portrait was eventually returned, it cost the UCPD and administrators needless time and money.

Here at the Maroon, we appreciate not only the building in which we work, but also the lovely painting of its benefactor. We also appreciate good-natured collegiate fun, something this fine institution is not always known for. However, when it comes to Ida Noyes, special consideration must be taken. The portrait has more symbolic value than monetary; whatever material gain the thief or thieves may have hoped for probably will be less than anticipated. With this in mind, we implore those who stole dear Ida to take care of her. While she may not have the marquee value of Hanna Gray, she means a great deal to those who frequently work under her watchful eye. The Maroon can only hope that Ida is returned safely to her home where she belongs.