January 28, 2005

cMore should doMore

Last Friday's Student Government Committee on Academic Concerns meeting allowed representatives to voices complaints to University Registrar Thomas Black. In light of the recent decision to set a flat fee for all requests for an individual's student transcripts, Committee members decided to strike while the iron was hot. The primary suggestion from students was to consolidate several online registration resources—namely time schedules, course evaluations, and course descriptions—into one easily navigable site.

As it stands now, the University's registration system is unnecessarily complicated. When cMore was first proposed, it was supposed to contain all the necessary elements of registration, in addition to its other services. Although this has not yet happened, it seems a reasonable suggestion to link the aforementioned sources to one another, especially course descriptions. Since all of this information is already online, it appears an easy process to connect it so that students are just a few clicks away from accessing it all.

In addition to the information already available, there are other services that would streamline the registration process. To again be able to search by professor, time, and department, would greatly benefit the course search, as would the ability to see whether a selected course conflicts with another selected course. The current course-ranking system is passable, but it would be logical to choose different back-ups for different courses, ensuring that you would still get into a bio course, and not be placed into your fifth choice automatically.

We understand that these changes will take time to implement, but they seem logical and necessary. Most likely we will see these elements added gradually, so we ask the administration to give us a simple timeline so that we know what to expect. Online student registration is a wonderful student service, and it deserves to be improved.