November 15, 2005

Good Sports

As the University has moved away from being a place “where fun comes to die,” athletics has become an increasingly relevant part of our community. Athletics’ facelift—most notably the construction of Ratner—has been more than superficial: Maroons teams have been enjoying unparalleled success in recent years. Four of six fall teams made NCAA playoffs this year, and the football team concluded an incredible comeback from an 0–4 start with a conference championship and a fifth straight win Saturday.

Along with women’s cross country captain, Jessica Winters and men’s cross country teams, the women’s soccer team continue their pursuit of national championships this coming weekend. Students will have a great opportunity to participate in some of the playoff action this Friday, as Stagg Field will play host to the women’s soccer Sweet 16 game at 11 a.m. and the Elite Eight matchup the next day at 1 p.m. National runners-up two years ago, this squad is the school’s most accomplished team, and its still-growing fan base has made games a free, and most importantly fun, on-campus event.

As a women’s soccer player wrote in the November 4 issue of the Maroon, the athletes on these teams play not only to succeed for themselves but also for the school, hoping “to bring about the cohesion and to give a renewed sense of identity to the school community.” We should celebrate excellence in all non-academic pursuits at our school, supporting our classmates, housemates, and friends. While we’re stuck at the Reg, they’re busy making us proud.