November 22, 2005

Couture du Jour - November 22, 2005

The University of Chicago held a revolutionary event in Hutch Commons last Friday, November 18. It started at 7 p.m., when the doors opened and people literally poured in to find high-end shopping in Hyde Park. The Chicago Trunk Show, produced by Moda, invited Chicago designers and boutiques from both on and off campus. The evening was a complete success, with an estimated crowd of over 200 visitors.

MODA, described as “the University of Chicago’s premiere fashion organization,” had planned this event for months, calling local Chicago designers, boutiques, make-up artists, and salons in order to bring this level of shopping to campus.

MODA’s mission statement says that they are “dedicated to increasing fashion consciousness on and off campus” and “strive to encourage student designing, promote boutiques and stores in the greater Chicago area, and present the latest local and global fashion trends both in print and in production.” This event certainly catered to every aspect of the organization’s motives, and boasted visiting designers such as MAC, Meen Kyole, ZenT, Avant Gaudy, and many more.

Hutch was filled with tables selling products, from make-up to dresses and everything in between. Double Stitch, a local crochet designer, sold colorful and warm-looking scarves, shirts, and dresses made by two sisters. Across from them, MAC gave non-stop makeovers, while Deborah from Avant Gaudy sold items faster than she could count. Sole Lounge, a local shoe-store on 63rd Street, sold outrageously awesome boots and bags. The pop-art designer ZenT was well represented, selling sweatshirts and T-shirts with designs of the Beatles and other pop-culture icons.

In ultimate Zoolander fashion, Moda held a walk-off at the opposite end of Hutch Commons. The evening’s host, Josh, entered as a man but started the walk-off as a woman. He really did have the best calves to show off his Christina Darling fishnets and short skirt, and he pulled the look off by coercing the contestants to get down to Christina Aguilera’s “Dirrty.”

Christina Darling managed to be excited about everything from her boyfriend running the music to the props that the contestants used to strut their stuff. Morgana—wearing leather pants and a T-shirt to complete the look—confessed to Christina Darling that she was only there for the goodie bag and begged everyone to vote for her in the walk-off.

One girl, dressed only in a silk pajama outfit provided by Moda, earned the favor of the audience by flashing her underwear. One young man stuffed a pointy hat under his shirt, exponentially enhancing his bust, but no one voted for him. Adam, the winner of the walk-off, wore a red-and-white-striped jacket with a cowboy hat. His Zoolander-inspired looks of “Blue Steel” and “Ferrari” blew the crowd away, and he certainly earned his MAC goodie bag.

The night wound down as everyone headed to the yacht party provided by Hype. Adelle McElveen, the president of Moda, never expected the crowd that came, and she hopes that Moda will do another trunk show in the spring. Before spring rolls around, we can all look forward to the second issue of Moda, featuring thrifting techniques and Chicago thrift stores. You can also check out their website at for more information and also for photos of the event.