November 8, 2006

Video of the day9

People might forget that the election isn't the only big issue today: Britney Spears just filed for divorce!Daniel Drezner provides fantastic analysis for why this could have been the one news story that saved the election for the Republicans (perhaps it still helped them retain a few seats in the House?).But in honor of this, I think it is worth watching one of my favorite K-Fed moments, the music video for his debut single "Lose Control":Also, check out Maroon Sports Editor Tim Murphy's superb column calling on the U of C to have K-Fed perform on campus.Update: K-Fed is actually performing in Chicago tonight. Hopefully it will be better than his show in NYC earlier this week. This might explain why he is giving away the tickets for free.Update II: Apparently this is footage of K-Fed getting the text message that informed him of the divorce.