October 22, 2007

Smoke the Rock!

I don't have much to say about tonight's Red Sox game. No rebuttal for Alec's baseless claims about Red Sox fans (except to say that they are indeed baseless). No poignant commentary about Julio Lugo's utter inability to do anything right, no bold predictions for the World Series, no official statement as to whether or not Dustin Pedroia should publicly denounce the David Eckstein comparisons, and of course no overly dramatic, INEVERGAVEUPANDNOWIMSPEAKINGINALLCAPS blog post. Just a simple slogan for these next 4–7 games:Smoke the Rock.I expect t-shirts by Tuesday morning, and clever little signs for the FOX broadcast on Wednesday. This comes in the long line of one-time-use-only t-shirt creations like "Squish the Fish" (vs. the Dolphins), "Berry the Bears," and of course, "Squeeze the Cheese" (vs. the Packers).THERE'S ONLY ONE OCTOBER.