November 30, 2007

ESPN: Isiah Thomas fired

Following up on Alec's post on ESPN' "featured comment," I decided to actually take a look through their comments on the Celtics' demolition of the Knicks tonight. It was mostly standard fare, but then I saw this nugget, from commenter Kingwally618:

i havee a friend who works with the knicks ISAH IS FIRED
That is BREAKING news! Great work, Kingwally618. Since it's at the end of a featured news article, I can only assume that it is not an unsubtantiated rumor. My only question now is, who is "ISAH," and what does he/she/it have to do with the Knicks?It's in allcaps, so I'll assume its an acronym. Google suggests The International Society for Animal Hygiene. Or maybe Illinois Sportsmen Against Hunger (those two organizations would seem to be at odds with each other).As for the knicks reference, perhaps Wally simply wanted to hook the reader with an anecdote before dropping the bombshell to his unsuspecting readership that ISAH is fired up about something. We'll have more on this story as it develops.