April 3, 2007

Letter to the Editor

In defense of Pareles

I have been closely following the Administration’s consideration and ultimate rejection of divestment and this newspaper’s slack coverage and editorializing of these events. Though admittedly I feel the Administration’s decision was a wrong one, I write now to decry the Maroon’s failure to acknowledge the gravity and significance of this debate. The Editorial Board’s blasé attitude is indicated by its decision to run a cartoon mocking the intelligence of STAND co-chair Michael Pareles in the March 30th issue. Rather than engaging in a substantive dialogue on issues that have very meaningful implications for the University, the Maroon chose to level an irrelevant personal attack on one student. Apparently, the newspaper feels that any effort extended by students in causes outside of campus sports or the future of the Common Application merits ridicule, not respect. Such cheap shots do not denigrate Pareles, but only demonstrate that the Maroon is not up to the challenge of being a fair and responsible forum for the issues that matter to our community.

Stephen Kim

Class of 2007