August 19, 2007

Class of 2011

This is sort of interesting, the class of 2011 is going to be pretty impressive.First, there were a record number of applicants, so many that no students will be accepted off of the wait list this year. That sucks for those on the wait list, but is good news for the selectivity of the class.Second, the class is going to be pretty diverse. Actually it's going to be pretty close to representative of the nation. 10% of the class is going to be Hispanic and 7% black. This is still a little low, but a major improvement over years past. Now the way the University went about this might have been questionable, but its still a good thing to have a diverse class--if only to get non-white applicants or even white applicants.No news though on how the SAT numbers and class rank statistics have turned out for the Class of 2011, but still, good news thus far.